When looking at snacking and children’s teeth, their diet during snack time may be the greatest factor to consider, as it is the most significant source of cavities.

The best tooth-healthy snacks are:

  • Milk or Dairy Products
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Meats
  • Nuts

Oral Care Tips for Kids

In today’s society, the most common snacks we give our children contain sugar and starch (an underestimated problem). These snacks result in more cavities. Starches are changed into sugar when they are in the mouth. Our saliva contains an enzyme that changes the starch into sugar to help aid in digestion. It is because of this process that starches can be a large contributing factor in tooth decay.

When considering snacking and children’s teeth, we recommend a glass of milk, a slice of cheese or ham, and a piece of fruit (for example). This is a nutritious snack that is both filling and tooth friendly.

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The length of time that teeth are exposed to food is also an important factor. Instead of allowing the child to snack continuously throughout the day on foods such as crackers and juice, have the child sit down and consume the entire snack at one time then continue playing. Offer water at all other times throughout the day.

After all meals and snacks it is a great idea to get your child into the habit of brushing their teeth. This would also be a great time to book your child in at their dentist for their regular checkup.

If you have any questions about snacking and children’s teeth please contact our dental office in south Edmonton; one of our staff would love to answer all your questions.