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Based in Edmonton, Alberta, we are a full-service dental office that delivers our procedures in a gentle, calm, and relaxing atmosphere. The patient’s comfort is always our primary concern as we provide you with treatment.

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We’re dedicated to helping you look, feel and smile your best.

We pride ourselves on using the most current technology and clinical procedures, and as the world of dentistry evolves, we’ll be right there to offer you the latest options that are available. Remember, your questions are welcome, and we are here to help you make well-informed educated decisions.

We Welcome New Patients

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New patients are always welcome at Dr. Jason Harvey’s dental office. For those of you who already see us regularly, we want to thank you for choosing us as your professional dental team, and express that would be honored to assist your family members or friends as well. We pledge to treat them with the same respect and care that we do for you, and each of our valued patients.

CEREC Crowns.

CEREC provides you with very best in digital dentistry technology.

Dr. Jason Harvey - Dentist Edmonton | Dental Implants Edmonton | Dental Surgery EdmontonIf you have ever had to deal with restoring damaged teeth, you’ll probably know that the most popular method these days is called CEREC Crowns.

An acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, CEREC 3D is the latest in cosmetic dental technology.

Using highly advanced equipment, your damaged tooth can be replaced with a ceramic crown that looks and functions just like a real tooth. This is done in a single appointment with minimal discomfort.

Dentists now know that with digital technology, they can make a crown in the office while a patient waits and that the process takes only an hour or two.

Six Month Smiles

By using gentle and non-invasive clear braces, Six Month Smiles helps adults with crooked, poorly spaced or misaligned teeth; and the average time most people wear them is just six months. This modern take on traditional braces is virtually invisible, and straightens teeth much more quickly and more comfortably than standard methods.

Straight teeth. Less time. Clear braces.

Dental Implants and Dental Surgery Edmonton

The procedure requires fewer dentists’ visits and is typically less expensive than conventional braces. In addition, the Six Month Smiles System can result in healthier gums since straight teeth are easier to clean than crooked teeth. Six Month Smiles has helped thousands of people smile with confidence, and it could be the solution for you.

We use CEREC Crowns. Discover how this technology improves restoring damaged teeth.

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