There are so many dentists in Edmonton to choose from these days that it can be a little overwhelming. And if it has been a long time since your last appointment, or if you’ve been going to the same office for many years, you may not have a proper point of reference to help determine if your dentist’s office is a good one. Perhaps the best way to help you decide is by making an honest assessment of your last visit and comparing that to a list of standards that should be upheld in every dental practice.

At Dr. Jason Harvey’s office, we pride ourselves on using the most current technology and clinical procedures, and as the world of dentistry evolves, we’ll be right there to offer you the latest options that are available. Remember, your questions are welcome, and we are here to help you make well-informed and educated decisions.

If you’re wondering whether or not your dentist’s office is up to snuff, just take a look at the following criteria that we have compiled for you, courtesy of the experts at Colgate.

You feel educated and informed after you leave. You didn’t go to dental school, so you naturally rely on your dentist to educate you on oral health, medical issues, healthy habits and treatment options you aren’t aware of. The dentist who is perfect for you is happy to take the time to explain your options and work with you to enhance your confidence – and your smile. A good dentist wants to help patients, but the best dentists hone their listening skills just as much as they hone their physical technique. A great doctor takes the time to listen to patients’ concerns, and never rushes to levy a treatment with which someone may secretly feel uncomfortable.

You noticed that they had an immaculate office. If you are nervous or unsure about the cleanliness of anything, don’t hesitate to ask your dentist. You deserve a clean room and sterile instruments. A dental office should be a place to prevent and cure disease, not catch it! We suggest checking to ensure your dentist’s office is clean, neat and orderly. If you notice things like old gloves and dirty instruments not stowed away, your dentist could be contaminating the examination room, which spreads germs and can make you and your family sick.

Your dentist made an effort to get to know you. Feeling like just another file on the shelf doesn’t just give you an impersonal experience; it can affect the level and quality of care you receive. When your dentist takes the time to get to know you, he or she can provide better care options that work according to your medical history. It’s also worth noting how your dentist treats his or her staff. Not only do the best doctors care about patients, but they are kind and attentive to staff as well. It’s important to observe the way your dentist interacts with coworkers because it gives you an idea of his or her management style and the mood among the staff working with you.

You felt valued as a patient. You don’t want to feel like just another item on your dentist’s to-do list. The best dentists have a way of letting their patients know they care about them. They’re interested in their patients’ lives, concerns, and families, and are eager to become a part of their overall care team. Some dental procedures can be long and arduous, leaving you feeling out of sorts for a few hours afterward. A great dentist will follow up with you after a particularly long or complicated procedure, just to make sure you’re feeling okay and that there is nothing hindering your recovery.

Are you looking to change dentists? Well, new patients are always welcome at Dr. Jason Harvey’s office. We pledge to treat you with the same respect and care that we do for each of our valued clients.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. Would you like to learn more about our office environment? Just leave us a note below. We look forward to reading your comments.