It’s that back to school time of year again, and the thought of packing healthy lunches and tooth friendly snacks that our children will actually eat – that are still good for them and healthy for their teeth – can be overwhelming.

September is a very exciting time for students and parents alike, but are we spending enough energy on making sure our kids’ oral hygiene is looked after while they are away from home?

We all know that diet has a significant impact on cavities, so we thought that this was an important time to review what some of the best “tooth friendly” options are.

Snacks for back to school:

* Anything from the Milk and Dairy Products food group

* Fruits

* Vegetables

* Meats

* Nuts

In today’s society, the most common snacks we give our children are sugar and starch based, and these result in more cavities. Starches are changed into sugar when they enter the mouth.

Our saliva contains an enzyme that changes the starch into sugar to help aid in digestion. It is because of this process that starches can be a large contributing factor in tooth decay.

When considering snacking and children’s teeth, we recommend (for example) a glass of milk, a slice of cheese or ham, and a piece of fruit. This is a nutritious snack that is both filling and tooth-friendly.

As it can be difficult to have children brush at school after lunch or snack, ensuring that they do so in the morning before school and again following their after-school snack, will help limit the harm to their teeth. Rinsing with water at the end of school lunches or snacks is a great way to cleanse the mouth. A piece of hard cheese at the end of the meal can also be beneficial in reducing cavity risk.

We wish everyone a tooth friendly school year!


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