Part 1

In September 1985, at the 3D design program at the Zurich Dental School, the first chairside ceramic restoration was placed with the CEREC 1 system by using computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/ CAM) technology.

At the time, it was a revolutionary concept for restorative dentistry that an industrially made ceramic material could be fabricated chairside by using a milling device with the benefits of a direct restorative treatment.


Just like with many other new inventions, there were some questions about the viability of such a new restorative technique, and whether or not it would be accepted by dentists. The year 2015 marks 30 years of chairside CAD/CAM experience in dental practice. Since then, the materials and techniques have both been studied extensively as they have evolved, with the results being very positive from all sources.

The CEREC system has progressed mostly through a series of software and hardware upgrades since its first introduction to the greater dental marketplace as the CEREC 1 system.

There have been several significant changes in the CEREC system since its introduction: (Fasbinder, Dennis J.)

* The change from a two-dimensional design program to a three speed, and the increase in memory of the computers improved.

* The separation of the milling chamber from the image capture and design hardware led to a significant improvement in clinical efficiency by allowing for simultaneous design of one restoration while milling a second one.

* The introduction of the 3-D software substantially improved the immediate understanding of the 3-D program because dentists were able to view the designs in a way similar to what they were used to seeing with stone models.

* 3-D design also improved the clinical work flows of chairside system use.

* The most recent evolution, the CEREC Acquisition Center (Sirona Dental Systems) unit, has introduced a newly developed light-emitting diode (LED) camera called the Bluecam.


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