Smoothies and juices can be a refreshing beverage to enjoy on a hot day. Chains like Booster Juice make them even easier to enjoy. Besides being filled with yummy goodness, smoothies of certain varieties can also help people lose weight and can be a good source vitamins.

If you think about what you’re putting in these drinks, some of the ingredients can stain your teeth and permanently damage them. Fruit can make juices delicious, but they are also full of natural sugars that can cause tooth decay or erosion. Vitamin C contains acid that can cause enamel erosion, and vibrant-colored fruits like blueberries can stain the surfaces of your teeth.

Don’t Do These Things When Drinking/Making Smoothies

We get it—smoothies are delicious, and we love them, too. However, there are some things you should avoid when drinking or making smoothies to reduce the effect they have on your teeth.

  • Don’t forget about your regular oral health duties. Brushing and flossing after every meal, or at least once a day, is of the utmost importance when trying to maintain a healthy mouth and smile. If you are making your smoothies with a lot of fruits that have little seeds that can get stuck easily between your teeth, remember to carry floss and a toothbrush with you.
  • Don’t drink your smoothie without a straw. If you are drinking your smoothie like a regular glass of water, it will come into contact with your teeth. When you use a straw, it limits this contact and protects your teeth from stains and other harm. The less time colorful foods spend on your teeth, the less time they have to stain your pearly whites.
  • Don’t avoid Vitamin D. Strong teeth would not be strong if it wasn’t for the help of trusty Vitamin D. To keep them strong, get some sunshine every day. You now have an excuse to stay outside a bit longer. Also, consider Vitamin D supplements if your city or town is lacking in sunshine throughout the year.

The Dos of Drinking Smoothies

  • Add cranberry juice to your favourite recipe. If you’re looking for more ways to incorporate this Thanksgiving staple into your everyday diet, throw some into your smoothie! Doing so will benefit your liver and your teeth. A study published in the Caries Research Journal proves that juices from cranberries block cavity-causing bacteria from sticking to your teeth by using a natural chemical. So, load up on those cranberries, and enjoy Thanksgiving year-round.
  • Add ripe fruit. When you add fruit to your smoothie, make sure it’s fully ripened. If you use unripe fruit, it will harm your teeth because they are still really acidic. Avoid lemons and apples because they can weaken your enamel. Do your teeth a favour, and skip the hard, acidic fruit.
  • Mix your greens. Green foods are good for you and can be easily added to your smoothie to make a nutrient-rich beverage. Leafy greens are full of magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium, which are all critical bone and tooth-building minerals. If you want the most mineral-rich greens, load your smoothie with bok choy, kale, and dandelion.
  • Rinse your mouth after consuming. If you don’t have a toothbrush handy, rinse your mouth after finishing your smoothie. If there are any extra fruit juices and sugars hanging out on your teeth, this rinse will wash them away and help prevent cavities.

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Smoothies are a yummy treat that can help beat the summer heat. When making one, be conscious of what you’re adding to it, how you drink it, and what you do once you’re finished it. Attention to these three things will help make your teeth strong and will keep stains and cavities at bay.