Can you feel it? The days are warming up, and *fingers crossed* the snow has finally finished falling. The days ahead hold the promise of weekend road trips to new towns and taking pictures that will preserve memories forever. It’s better to capture summer freedom with warm smiles in the photos. And a dental checkup now is the easiest way to spring ahead for summer fun. BBQs are great. But not when you have a toothache. If you feel mild pain — it could be a sign of more to come. Taking everyone in your family in early for a checkup helps their overall oral health. Freshen up with spring dental cleaning and help avoid a minor toothache while shooting the breeze with friends. Save your summer surprises for spontaneous water fights and backyard dance parties. Don’t let a toothache ruin your fun in the sun. There are a few simple things you’re you can do now.

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Make oral health your new best friend. When proper tooth care becomes a habit, you can continue to have your cake on your patio and eat it too. Choose to brush and floss regularly and schedule routine check-ups with your dentist early. When you’re on your patio keep in mind that drinks like margaritas, punch and most liqueurs contain a high level of sugars. Periodically rinsing your mouth with water or even a light brushing (if you happen to pass by the restroom) would clean out some of that excess sugar. This can help to prevent tooth decay and not require any radical lifestyle changes to your summer rituals. Our second piece of advice that we often repeat is to avoid stress. It’s bad for everything, but even your teeth can be affected by grinding or clenching during stressful situations. Stress can affect your teeth in the same way while you sleep. The chronic grinding can cause headaches and jaw pain, as well as damage teeth to the point of requiring dental work. If stress is an issue you can’t walk away from just yet, you can reduce this problem with a dental mouth guard to help prevent tooth pain. Have your dentist’s contact phone number handy. One bad bite into a burnt burger at a backyard BBQ can result in a dental emergency. You may chip a tooth, lose a filling, or break a crown when the dentist’s office is closed. Ideally, contact your dentist or local dental offices to see if they can provide you with emergency dental care. Bring your family in now for a full dental checkup to relax, soak up the sun, and take those summer road trip pictures with your best smile yet.