Teaching your child proper dental care early on in life is key to ensuring long term gum and tooth health. This means that it is never too early to start teaching them the basics. It is important for kids to have access to the tools they need as well as to be taught the proper techniques for brushing and flossing.

You should also be making an effort to make your children more comfortable in the dentist’s chair so that the experience is easier for everyone involved. This also has the effect of ensuring that they will continue on with their good dental habits later in life. Proper oral hygiene will help to prevent plaque from building up, which in turn inhibits the formation of cavities, and reduces bad breath.

A good dental care routine will involve two brushes and a good flossing every day. It is important to remember to brush before bed each night, as this sometimes gets missed because the child is tired. If this is the case, then try to brush right after dinner when they are still full of energy. When they are old enough to brush unsupervised, consider introducing an electric toothbrush. Click here to read more about teeth cleaning and maintenance.

One of the biggest parenting challenges that you will face is getting your kids to care about their oral health. This year, ask your kids to make a New Year’s resolution to take better care of their teeth and gums, with real goals that they can meet. This will add a little bit of fun and just the right amount of accountability to the plan.

Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Pick tasty flavours – You can help spice up your kids’ flossing routine by switching to the flavored floss variety. It’s common knowledge that kids take more kindly to flavored medicine than regular ones because of the sweet and delicious scent. Similarly, this can apply to flossing.
  • Select a dentist – Even if you haven’t found a pediatric dentist already, make it a new year’s resolution to find one for your kids. Try getting your kids acquainted with the dentist first before making a decision.
  • Make it fun – Kids would usually find that there is nothing exciting about brushing their teeth. This year, you could change all this by turning brushing into a fun activity. This way, your kids get the fun and excitement they need while working toward maintaining healthy teeth and gums.
  • Play some music – From now on, you can start picking out some of your children’s favorite tunes and play them while they brush their teeth. Some kids might even want to sing and dance to those tunes while brushing. You can take it up a notch and choreograph a short and simple dance to keep them excited.
  • Let them choose – Allow your children to flex their independence a little bit. This is useful for getting them motivated as kids might find it discouraging to be forced into doing certain chores or activities. Let them have their pick of toothbrush and toothpaste when you go shopping.

What are your thoughts on oral hygiene for kids? Is there anything that we missed? We look forward to your comments.


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