Moms are one of our biggest supporters. Who else believes in us without end? They do so much, and mother’s day is a great way to honor them. Although seeing you is sure to put a smile on her face, giving a little extra something won’t go unnoticed. It can be hard to find a gift that conveys exactly how you feel about your mom, though. Are you drawing a blank and scrambling for ideas? Say thank you with a Spa Dent gift!

What is Spa Dent?

Spa Dent is a whitening solution for your teeth that keeps your smile looking fabulous. This PH neutral formula won’t erode the enamel on your teeth. Because the enamel isn’t affected, your teeth will still look natural. This whitening solution contains ingredients such as calcium, Vitamin K, and Aloe, which are useful for developing and maintain strong teeth and activating calcium-storing proteins. Spa Dent is convenient and easy to use, with treatments lasting less than one hour. Even if your mom has a packed schedule, these treatments can be easily snuck in to keep her looking her best and feeling confident. While at-home whitening kits may be the better option for some individuals, this in-office treatment produces results much faster. If you need to whiten your smile on a time crunch or want your mom to look as happy on the outside as she feels on the inside, this solution is the one to use.

How Does Spa Dent Work?

These in-office treatments use both blue and red light to whiten teeth. The blue light causes the peroxide to react quicker, which is what produces the fast results associated with Spa Dent. The red light assists with tissue regeneration. Once the treatment is completed, it’s important to drink only water until one hour has passed, and avoid consuming anything that can cause stains for 24 hours. Here is what you can expect from a Spa Dent treatment. First, the gel is placed in mouth trays with the correct amount of whitening material and is then placed on the teeth. As the blue and red light is shone in your mouth, it penetrates through your enamel and breaks down the pesky stains on your teeth into much smaller particles. When a stain is broken down like this, it isn’t nearly as noticeable when you smile.

The Benefits of Using Spa Dent

Spa Dent works wonders on improving smiles and can give your mom a burst of confidence. One sitting can brighten a patient’s smile from two to eight shades. If your mom is concerned about pain, she doesn’t have to worry. The use of LED lights generates little to no discomfort. The LED light also acts as an exterminator, killing harmful bacteria that can accumulate on your teeth. Not only is your new smile better looking, but it’s also cleaner and healthier than it was before.

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Help your mom look her best this mother’s day like she’s helped you time and time again. If she is serious about stains and gets a pearly white smile, Spa Dent is an effective product that can get rid of them—even those stubborn ones she has had for years after drinking all that early morning coffee. Treat your mom with this great gift and keep her smiling from ear to ear.