Different adults have different opinions about braces. Some feel that their kids should get them no matter what, where others worry that they will change the way that their child looks, which will affect their confidence.

The truth is that there is really no reason to worry about braces. They’re just tools that orthodontists use to correct the alignment of a person’s teeth. The fact is that not all teeth grow straight and there’s nothing you can do to make them do so.

In the past braces were made of thick metal that was very noticeable. Today braces are much more advanced than ever before, and although they’re usually still made of metal, the material is thinner and much smaller. As an added bonus, many of today’s dental procedures are at least partly covered by your dental insurance plan.

These days you can even get braces that are clear or the same color as your teeth. They also make some braces that go on the backside of your teeth. These advances make it so that braces aren’t nearly as noticeable today as they used to be.

Of course if your child wants to get noticed they can. The rubber bands that come with braces can now be found in a variety of colours. Your kids can now make braces match their own personal style.

Although the reasons for getting braces are usually orthodontic in nature, there are a number of secondary benefits that should be considered:

  1. Braces Can Help Prevent Tooth DecayMisaligned, overlapping, and crooked teeth can make brushing and flossing teeth more difficult, because some of the teeth’s surfaces may be hard to reach and properly care for. Braces straighten teeth, which decreases the risk for developing cavities and consequential dental work, which can be uncomfortable and costly.
  2. Braces Can Help Prevent Heart DiseaseThe health of the gums can be negatively impacted by problems with dental hygiene caused by malocclusions (misaligned teeth due to jaw problems). When tooth alignment and jaw issues cause difficulty cleaning the teeth’s surfaces, plaque is not removed completely during brushing and flossing. As plaque accumulates, gum tissue becomes inflamed, which eventually can lead to the growth of particular types of harmful bacteria. This bacterium can enter the bloodstream and is a primary cause of heart disease. 
  3. Braces Can Help Prevent Other Health ProblemsMisaligned teeth can actually produce a broad range a health problems with everything from moderate to very serous outcomes. Incorrect jaw position, for example, can cause headaches, earaches, chewing and biting issues, speech problems, and painful irregularities of the jaw joint.  
  4. Braces Can Help Increase Self-esteem and ConfidencePeople tend to feel good about themselves and project more confidence in a broad range of situations when they have an attractive smile. Uninhibited and self-assured people have a propensity to experience more favorable outcomes in professional, educational, athletic, and other ambitious activities.


What are your thoughts on braces for kids? Are they necessary or cosmetic?

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