Improve Your Visit to the Dentist

It’s an unfortunate fact that few patients get excited about a visit to their dentist until they need to book emergency dental services. That can be especially true if you have children who are hesitant or unwilling to deal with their oral health issues.

Whether justified or not, many youngsters believe they are in for a painful and traumatizing experience, and will do almost anything to avoid getting in the car and heading to the dentist’s office. That’s where innovative concepts and new technological capabilities come into play.

Enter the 3D scanner.

3D technology could be the most powerful addition to a dentist’s resources in the last decade. It improves their ability to provide accurate diagnoses, prognoses, patient education and treatment plans. Better information before beginning treatment shortens care time and reduces risks.

So how does 3D imaging technology make your child’s visit to the dentist more comfortable?

Higher Resolution Imaging: By using 3D technology with advanced imaging software, dental practitioners can present children with high-resolution images of their oral anatomy. This enables dentists to show their young patients exactly what is going on inside their little mouths and communicate the treatment plans more clearly than ever before. Children are almost always more comfortable when things are explained to them in a calm and reassuring manner, and this effect is magnified when they have a visual that enables them to understand the process better.

Shorter Appointment Times: 3D imaging systems utilize technological advances significantly to increase the level of detailed clinical information available to oral health practitioners. The result is that dentists can obtain higher quality images faster than ever before, which in turn creates much shorter visits for nervous or impatient children. This is a win for the kids, the parents, and the dentist. Less time in the office means less anxiety and an overall better experience for everyone involved.

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One of the most effective ways that 3D imaging can improve the patient experience is by allowing the dentist to use the scans as a teaching tool. Doctors can sit down with the patient and show them images that enable them to conceptualize what their treatment plan entails. It also provides them with the ability to give a CD or DVD to their patient to take home or to give to a referred specialist. Additionally, their patients can leave with a printout of their treatment plan.

So the next time that you are making a dentist appointment ask your practitioner if they offer 3D imaging in their office. If they don’t, it may be time to weigh the benefits of making the switch to a practice that provides newer technology. Perhaps you’re already looking to change dentists? Well, new patients are always welcome at Dr. Jason Harvey’s office. We pledge to treat you with the same respect and care that we do for each of our valued patients. Contact us today.


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