Helping your kids get into a good habit of taking care of their teeth will go a long way in them having happy and healthy gums as they grow up! As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure your kids are performing the correct dental care techniques like brushing and flossing, but there are a few other things to make sure their teeth are durable and healthy.

Giving them a proper diet

Children love drinking soda, fruit juices, and sports drinks because they taste great! Even though fruit juices and sports drinks are technically healthier than soda, they are still filled to the brim with sugar. If your child drinks, fruit juice all day, there is a higher risk that their enamel on their teeth will start to decay. If this is their only source of high sugar content, it will be easier to wean them off and to introduce them to drinking more water. The best way to kick their habit of drinking sugary beverages, try adding 50% water to the juice or sports drink. Adding the water will get rid of some of the sugar from the previous drinks. It will still give your child the sweet taste of the juice, but they will start drinking more water without even realizing it. Slowly add more water to their drinks until they are actively seeking out water rather than the juices or sodas.

Practice what you preach

When you are teaching your children about the values of proper dental hygiene, always be a good role model and practice good oral care yourself. You need to lead by example because children are more likely to pick up on cues from your technique rather than doing what you are telling them to do. The best way to show your children that you are practicing good oral hygiene is by making brushing and flossing a family activity every day. Depending on your work schedule, you may only be able to do it at night, but it’s still a good way to show your children the best ways to clean their teeth properly. When teaching your children to brush their teeth, set a timer for two minutes and get them to brush their teeth and tongue until the timer runs out. You should also floss every single tooth every single time you floss; don’t cut any corners when it comes to taking care of your teeth!

Never skip the dentist

If you show fears of visiting the dentist yourself, you may pass down that fear to your children if they notice any hesitation from you. You should book their first dental appointment when they turn one year old or when their first teeth appear. If your child starts going to the dentist early, it will set a good standard for proper dental hygiene and they will be at less risk of getting any gum diseases or problems when they grow up. Get your children excited about dental hygiene to ensure their gums and teeth are healthy throughout their entire lives!