DNA Appliances enable the body to naturally reduce snoring and improve sleep apnea in adults and children. They also aid in tooth alignment and facial appearance, by using the concepts of Pneumopedics® and Craniofacial Epigenetics. Dr. Dave Singh first pioneered these revolutionary techniques, which do not use surgery, drugs or injections.

Epigenetics is a rapidly evolving field of research, which shows that the outcomes of growth and development can be changed without altering the underlying genes. There are numerous ways of producing these results; including changes in nutrition, but the most commonly used is biomimetic oral appliance therapy. Biomimetics is a science that studies natural models and then uses their designs and processes to produce solutions to real problems.

Research has shown us that changes in the spatial relations of the jaws activate other genes. In other words, your genetics respond when the position of the jaw is changed using a device. So, dentists and orthodontists can enhance airway, facial, and dental health by using a new generation of biomimetic oral appliances, which can be worn similar to regular oral appliances and orthodontic retainers.

The DNA Appliance® system relies less on the lifetime use of sleep devices and continuous force exerted by conventional braces. Instead they help to guide the teeth, jaws, face and airway into more ideal relations for functions, such as sleep and breathing.

Oral appliances used to manage snoring and sleep apnea are normally just devices that protrude the lower jaw. These devices and do not address the underlying condition, and must be worn for life. In contrast, the DNA Appliance System uses upper airway remodeling (Pneumopedics®) so that underlying sleep apnea can be treated, and in some mild cases resolved.

The biomimetic technique is different because instead of simply repositioning the jaw, the patented appliance allows the body to actually increase the size of the upper jaw and increase the volume of the nasal airway. In addition, the DNA Appliance® products are effective in painlessly addressing issues such as headaches in both adults and children, without using surgery, drugs or injections.


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