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“Dentistry is my passion, and I’m lucky to be able to do this every day.”
Dr. Jason Harvey

A Word From Dr. Harvey.

Dentist Edmonton Dr. Jason Harvey

I’m Dr. Jason Harvey, and my practice is located in Edmonton, Alberta. I am a father of three kids, and a husband as well. What first sparked my interest in dentistry was when my dentist back home allowed me to come in and watch him for a day. When I got to see what dentists did, how they used their hands and the relationships that they built with their patients, I felt that this would be a very rewarding career.

“He’s really friendly, he likes to make jokes. He’s very easygoing.”
Alycia, Dental Assistant.

My approach has always been about not trying to sell people treatment, it’s more about trying to educate people on what their treatment options are. I believe that there are materials and techniques out there that are always improving, and I want to be able to offer that to my patients. Finally, we truly wouldn’t be leaders in the dental field without the great staff that we have. We grow as people together, and we hope to have that same relationship with our patients.

Our Dental Staff

Our Staff

Edmonton Family Dentist Dr. Jason Harvey

Dr. Harvey graduated with distinction from the University of Saskatchewan in 1997. He then completed a General Hospital Residency (GPR) at Sinai Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. There he was exposed to wide varieties of general dentistry, oral surgery, and trauma medicine/dentistry. In 1998, after completing his GPR, Dr. Harvey began his practice in Edmonton.

Dr. Harvey has maintained his commitment to continuing education since that time by attending extensive lectures and clinical programs, with special emphasis on functional and esthetic dentistry. He continues today with comprehensive hands-on training as part of the Hornbrook Group for Esthetic Dentistry.

Dentist Edmonton

Dr. Lui was born and raised in Edmonton. She received her Bachelor of Science with honours at the University of Alberta in 2004. She then furthered her learning to complete her Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree in 2008. Dr. Lui enjoys spending her free time in oil painting and card making.

Dr. Lui has a personable chairside manner that makes patients feel warm and welcome. She focuses on acute patient care, endodontics, dental surgery, dentures, and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Lui has been comfortably situated in the practice since Fall 2011. She has been a welcome addition to our dental team.

Elena, RDH – Dental Hygienist

Jamie, RDH – Dental Hygienist

Kiersten, RDH – Dental Hygienist

Ann, RDA II – Financial Coordinator/ Office Manager

Janet, RDA II – Treatment Coordinator

Alycia, RDA II – Dental Assistant

Amy, RDA II – Dental Assistant

Andrea, RDA II– Dental Receptionist

Michelle – Dental Receptionist

Rukhsana, RDA II – Dental Assistant

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